The mascot of cleanliness:

immediate, practical and quick.

MOPPY: the new experience of cleanliness

Sanitise without detergents with the hot steam-charged cloth.

Moppy makes daily cleaning easy and fun: enjoy the new experience of cleanliness in one pass

Moppy washes and cleans all types of floors without detergent with the hot steam – charged cloth; it removes dirt and eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria. *
Moppy also cleans all steam washable vertical surfaces (doors, cupboard doors, tiled walls) using the microfiber cloth which easily collects dirt; Furthermore, using the electrostatic cloths, Moppy is an efficient ally to remove and capture dust.

Moppy is immediate, practical and quick: the charging and sanitizing steam base is ready in a few seconds while the cordless ultralight mop, agile and slim, reaches even the most difficult places, with maximum freedom of movement.

With Moppy you save time, effort and money.

Moppy White

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Moppy Black Premium

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